How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Risk of Cancer?

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In most cases genetic risk for diseases, whether it be cancer, heart disease, etc, are not deterministic. You will not get a disease definitely although there's a couple of rare exceptions. In general they're probabilistic. There is an environmental component and there is a genetic component.

Well the environment you can control. It's what you eat. It's how much you sleep. It's how stressed you are. It's all of those aspects and they are controllable and modulatable. So the things we know now that work and things that don't. Things like vitamins are all of a sudden starting to get the play they deserve in that they end up causing more disease than they help.

There's very little data that taking these pills that most of the population take has a benefit. Yet we all want that quick fix. The data just came out and over $200 million study from the government, that if you take vitamin E everyday, your risk of prostrate cancer is 17% higher and so this notion that vita is equal to life, vitamins are good for you is wrong.

We stop these supplements to start to eat real food, we'll head to decrease the incident of disease..