How Is Genetic Research Paying Off for Today's Patients?

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About 5-6 year ago, I was frustrated like many people in the field, and the government was spending billions of dollars to sequence human genome, learn about gene associates with disease, we weren't doing anything with that information. So I called up John Doerr venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and said, "I want to start a company with you.

I want to start have people take their [xx], look at their DNA and start to predict what disease they're going to have, because the science has been down with NIH and I want people to benefit from it. I want people to start preventing based on their own geno type, based on their own genetics, and that company has been founded and now it's doing well.

That field is starting to happen, is that people are learning about themselves and knowing where to focus prevention. You know one of the heroes when we launched we did a night line show and [xx] went on the show and her husband had earlier [xx] on Alzheimer's. Well she took the test live on TV and she had a high likely hood of Alzheimer's disease.

She took it like a hero. She said, I'm going to start, I'm going to delete body mass, I'm going to exercise, I'm going to raise money for the cause, I'm going to lobby like hell for more treatments for the disease. That's the attitude we need. Identify what we're up against and figure out how to fight it, we need to do more about it.

In the cancer field, we're starting to apply those molecular biology techniques, we're starting to identify some of the individual molecular drivers of the cancer. We have a long way to go because again it's just not those drivers, it's that complex system that we need to understand.