How Can We Win the War On Cancer?

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It's 40 years since Nixon declared the war an cancer. We've sequenced the human genome. We've sequenced the cancer genome. We've learned a tremendous amount about cancer. We're not that much better in generally treating cancer. There are little wins here and there, and hopefully they potent for better outcome in the future, but what we need to do now is take that base fundamental understanding and do things differently.

We need to try to figure out a new way to approach disease, because this was not working. There's remarkable clinic I tried to help a couple of years ago on breast cancer, and that women after optimal therapy were randomized at the time, because we nearly don't treat when you've finished therapy.

They are optimizing getting a bone strengthening drug, or placebo. People say it's crazy giving a bone strengthening drug, when this is their quality time when the cancer hasn't recurred yet. Well, it turned out that that drug reduce recurrence by 40%, so the old adage you change the soil, the seed won't grow again was right, and we don't need to target the cancer cell per se, we can target the body.

Our complex system and make it so that cancer doesn't like to grow. To me cancer is a verb, you're cancering, and I want to take you from that verb state cancering to a health state. I don't necessarily just want to shrink the cancer because that may not make you live longer or better, but I want to take you from your cancering state to your health state.