How Can We Find the Cure for Cancer?

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So the Kennedy is a remarkable analogy because when John Kennedy said we're going to land on the moon, people though he was crazy. Nine years later, Neil Armstrong took that step. What was the average age in missile command when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon? It was 18, so I mean it was 27 years old, which means those kids were 18 when Kennedy made his proclamation.

So that next generation that will cure disease that you and I are going to get, is going to be the teenagers of today. So what we need to revamp is education, but we need to get excited about going into science and medicine or that next generation, they got woed by the internet, they got woed by engineering companies.

We've got to get them back to the science and the medicine side because we need human capital. We need to buy the best and the brightest to think about this disease because that's how we'll make a difference.