What Is a Challenge in Treating Retinoblastoma?

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One of the challenges in treating Retinoblastoma is that these children need anesthesia. And they need anesthesia just to be examined every month. At Memorial Sloan Kettering we have the only center in the world with the space, the people and equipment is dedicated just to Retinoblastoma.

Treating children with Retinoblastoma is like being a pitcher of a baseball team. You need a really good pitcher. But if you don't have the rest of the team including the people who maintain the grounds you can't function. It's progressively becoming harder and harder in the modern health care world for institutions to dedicate the resources for people, equipment and the space for a very rare cancer.

We have the only such center and the largest such center in the world and this year 2014 we will celebrate our 100th consecutive year of treating children with Retinoblastoma under the direction of three physicians.