What Can Parents Do to Ensure a Lifetime of Healthy Eyes for Their Children?

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I think there are three things parents can do for their children that may significantly impact their vision lifelong. The first is at a young age, to have their children's vision checked by a pediatrician. There are a number of eye conditions early on in childhood that can be treated.

Where children's vision can be healed if it's diagnosed early enough. The second is safety, a significant loss of vision in children is from accidents and injuries, and accident injuries are not totally preventable in children but they are preventable for spots where there are small balls, where the ball is smaller than the size of the bones.

Encouraging children and adult to have that it's really important and it has been shown to minimize accident injury. And finally ultra violet light. We need ultra violet light to help us make vitamin D, and that's really important. At the same time, ultra Violet light is what causes cataracts.

The humans lens simply gets yellower, grayer and darker as a result of long term exposure to sun light. Every little bit of sunlight you get throughout your life collects in your lens. The human lens is like human skin, it is made if exact the same cells except it's crystal clear, your skin sheds everyday, your human lens retains the cell you had as an embryo throughout your entire life, ultra violent light ultimately causes that to change and causes a cataract and while a cataract operation is one of the great operations we have.

It will be nice not to have any of those operations. 75% of the sunlight you get is in your first 17 years of life. So ultra-violet protection with hats, with glasses, with avoiding the sun especially at high altitude, especially at times of the year when there's a lot of sun, doing that for your child can affect your child's vision 40, 50, 60 and 70 years later.