Besides the U.S., Where Is Opthalmic Artery Chemosurgery Performed?

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We have a mandate of a UNKNOWN] to not only do innovative things, but to teach the world how to do innovative things. So we began a program were we invited physicians and nurses worldwide to come, spend time with us, learn how to do this, and then go back to their country and do it.

As of today 40 countries in the world have now learned how to do this. Interestingly some of these countries are countries you might have expected such as England and France, Spain and Germany where high-tech is available, well trained physicians but just as many developing nations have developed a center that has done the second largest number is in Italy.

The third is Argentina. It's been done in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, South Africa, China, Japan, Vietnam, Slovack Republic. All of the countries of Europe, Australia and we've taught all of these people how to do it. So it has completely changed the landscape of the management of this disease from eyes being removed to eyes rarely being removed.

90% of the eyes I used to remove are no longer removed. Today we saw 21 children with retinal eyeball [UNKNOWN] all under anesthesia and of those 21 only one child had lost an eye. If we had spoken 10 years ago, every single one of those children would have lost one or two eyes. So it's been profound.