What Is the Self and How Does It Affect the Way We Live?

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Integration is where you say look I'm not in this alone I may think the self lives in this body, but actually that is a limited view, and as Einstein said that's an obstacle delusion, and this notion that delusion is a vulnerability of the brain itself to think self STLF is actually defined by the skin.

And so from a scientific point of view what I want to suggest is that this way we were vulnerable to thinking this self is only limited to the skin it is in case to this body is what's choking the planet and that all the wisdom traditions have known this for thousands of years, but now I think from interpersonal biology we see based on science there is a scientific view that we need to rally around which is we need to encourage kids in schools kids in families adolescence adults to actually examine in a very rewarding way the idea of how to expand the sense of self not give up a self that takes care of the body that enjoys sensuality, that enjoys eating good food that has an identity.

That's fine, so you don't get rid of me. But the idea is how can we expand the sense of self to also include a we? And so individual health, relational health and planetary health are all a part of the same integrative journey that we can empower each other to be on.