What Is Mindsight?

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Well, Mindsight is a term that I made up years ago when I dropped out of medical school because a lot of my professors treated the patients that I was learning to take care of as if they had no internal center of subjective experience. They treated them as objects, they even treated us like objects, the students.

And I dropped out of school not wanting to be socialized in that way and thinking I'd find another profession. When I came back to medical school I had to have a way of defending myself from what continued to be poor role modeling let's just say it that way. And do I invented this word Mindsight meaning how you see the mind.

The subjective inner life, the core self. What my friend John O'Donahue might call the soul, the essence of a person, the internal narrative center of gravity, what has meaning, feelings, the whole sense of history you have. These professors, many of them sadly were really caring, bright people really smart very respected in their fields, but somehow I came to learn later on were using only a circuit of the brain that saw the physical nature of reality, not the mental side of reality, two very different parts of the brain.

So for me the word started as a life preserver, so when I went back to school I could say this person doesn't have much mindsight, do not learn from them about how to treat people, learn from them like you would a bad play. You go to see a bad play, you don't just leave necessarily you say, wow! I'm going to appreciate the good place.So mindsight became a term that helped me to see how people see the world.