How Is the Mind Affected by the Health of the Body?

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We know for example from a number of different studies that are coming out. Some of them published, many of them not yet. That your presence, your willing to be within awareness, and be present for what is increases the enzyme that maintains the ends of your chromosomes ends of your chromosomes are called telomeres and the enzymes is called telomeles.

And we demonstrating as a human species are now demonstrating research studies that when people are present for what it is, actually have higher telomerase, their telemus are maintained and they have more longevity. So what you do with your mind which includes your awareness shapes enzymes that maintain chromosomal tips, shapes the immune system, shakes your cardiovascular system.

And so certainly stress related conditions will be affected by what you do with the mind. Not all disease by any means is created by stress or even worsened by stress. But stress can worsen certain diseases that aren't even caused by stress, like inflammatory bowel disease may not be cause by stress, but stress makes it worse, some illnesses are caused by stress.

So whichever it is without laying blame what we can say is finding way to empower your mind to create integration in sight of itself, the body itself and between you and other people, it's always both, will help reduce stress and will bring health into a person's life.