What Is FutureMed?

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So FutureMed is a program that I chair here at Singularity University that focuses on bringing those, opening those silos and bringing the convergence of healthcare technologies together. As a physician or a researcher traditionally, you'll go to one or two meetings per a year.

I'll go to a haematology meeting, the cardiologists will go to cardiology meetings, the orthopedic folks will go to the orthopedic meetings. It's very rare that you bring folks from different clinical fields together, and you say, "What's the cutting edge across different technology buckets?" From devices to big data, to connected health, to genomics, to proteomics, to telemedicine, to robotic surgery, and get people spooled at what's the cutting edge? Where's it heading? Where is technology moving? Where is it converging? And where are opportunities to re-invent and re-invigorate health in medicine.

So at FutureMed, we run a six-day program here at Singularity University, at NASA Ames. About 90 participants come, about half physicians, the rest are folks in from devices and pharma and investment and IT and folks who've never been in healthcare and in sort of deep dives, we brings from amazing thought leaders but from academia, start-up world, industry go, what's happening now? Where do I see it going? What if products are just coming out and what are opportunities to re-think and re-imagine medicine.

We include workshop for people learning about robots, go to sight visit to robotic surgery companies or to innovation labs, we'll do on-conferences because many of the participants who come are major thought leaders themselves from the head of pediatric cardiacs surgery at UCSF to the Head or Neurology at Emre are the participants, they're not even the faculty, and from FutureMed, we've had a lot of new companies and ideas in collaborations form, we've only been doing it for two and a half years.

We're going to do a larger FutureMed this fall 2013 at the DalColorado in San Diego and from my perspective, what I'd like you to see is impact. It's when you get people with more forward thinking together and mixing it up in new ways, a magic happens.