Do Brain Games Improve Brain Health?

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Well, neumacity has built this whole industry, I think they have like 50 million users or something crazy, and the games are fun, and there is this little tiny bit of evidence, that they can be helpful. I really think brain health is about more than that, it's about really planting some very important pillars in people's lives, so I like to tag line we're not just playing games with your brain, because diet is critical, exercise and not believe in stupid thought you have, learning how to manage your stress focusing on your groom.

We planted this program into one of the largest churches in the world, we're so excited about it, and we just found people got better together, that if I get this and I put it in my life, and I give it to my wife. She is better, and if together we give it to our children, then we give it to our grand children, then what we are doing is we are creating a culture of help.