Who Is Responsible for Your Wellness?

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I wish we spent more time and money on prevention, period, it's not a debate. When we look at entities within health care, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, academic medical centers, retail health centers, physician communities, and physician hospitals, if you point every single one of them, you can say they're not doing enough.

You can flip it for each of them, so here's a flip on that. Employers are the people who buy health insurance in this country. Majority, from insurance companies, asides with medicare and medicare provider. So when we think of someone as doing something that's good or bad, are we saying are employers also looking at what the options are, that they're offering to the employees, and to themselves, and to the dependence, and the children? And as this the discussion where we say wellness services must be included in everything that's offered, and actually that's part of the new law, right?

So Medicare now covers wellness for everyone, and a lot of what happens with business models is we follow a larger organization. So, though people don't know it, and I'm surprised that they don't know it, many insurance companies have always covered wellness Services, it's not new, it's new for medicare. Many commercial insurers have always covered wellness services.

Wellness Services, however just gives you a baseline. It's, what are the actions that someone's going to be able to take when they're not in their doctor's offices? Because if you're going in for wellness services, you don't have a chronic disease, and we may only see you as a doctor once a year. What's happening when you're out there?

It's not happening at the insurance company, it's not happening at the physician's office, it's happening actually in the community, and with the employer. Those are two target areas for wellness. Right now, we almost put wellness into the treatment category of, OK the physician and at the backend, the insurer who is paying, it's not.

It's so far away forward, and we should just focus on prevention. We should just focus on prevention, as a country it seems simple.