Maintaining Good Health Deserves a Reward

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We're humans. We like hearing we did something right, and I don't mean just reinforcement of telling you, we have to have incentives for it, right? So if you get diabetes, and managing someone with diabetes in this country is four times more costly than managing someone who stays well, for crying out loud!

Give that well person just a little something to tell them we appreciate the fact that you're staying well, that's the direction that where collaboration should work. I'm a firm believer in incentives, it's worked for me, it works for my family, it's worked in almost every program. Incentives work for making people know, 1, they've skinned in the game, and 2, you believe this is a partnership and a relationship.

It's why good employer-employee relationships work, it's why good frankly giving allowances to your children, it works, and we should kind of go with that a little bit. Maybe there'll be something better once we've done some more PET scans for their brain and we realize their different triggers, but it works, great studies that show it works.

We need to expand that, and online is a great way to do it.