Getting Drugs to Market-Cost and Collaboration

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It is harder to bring new therapies to market, but I want to start off with a baseline. So I'm a cardiologist, and when I started training, we kept talking about this escalation in heart disease in this country. Today, we talked about the decline of heart disease. So make no mistake, we have some incredible powerful treatments that are available, for not only some of our most prevalent diseases, but some of our most costly.

And so there are two parts to the story. The area of research where a lot needs to be done, and we've got to figure out how to make it easier, wellness and cancer, just huge areas that we need to do a lot in, and that has to be broader than the United States, we talk a lot about the United States. We actually have seen companies from all around the world who are doing great things.

What does that collaboration look like? So we're getting closer to having drugs ready to get to market maybe even at a lower cost. How is that working? That's something we need to re-visit, and I'm not sure we spent enough time doing that. The second piece of this when you talk about getting things to the consumers is, for almost every one of our top five high cost diseases we have treatments.

We actually have treatments where a lot of them have become generic. So there is a low cost option available that we know works, and now we need to get people to adhere to taking them. We need physicians to prescribe them according to evidence based guideline. And getting them to them, I think I'm saying, yeah, places where pharmacists are the ones who are managing this, if they are trained in doing adherence and understanding, that actually can get done.

On the other end of pharmaceutical companies, it's really looking at where will these new developments come from, so biotech companies in this country funding them to make sure that they're doing some of that early research, absolutely critical. Figuring out, what you hear a lot is now a lot of companies go abroad to do these early trials because of the challenges in getting some of that done, that's a real discussion, that has to occur.

I'm not sure if it really occurs, I think people just say, yes, we're going just going to do it outside the U. S. I'm not sure those are the solutions. Separate from that though, if it's going on in Israel, have we reached out to partner? If it's going on in Singapore, or India, do we even know that it's happening, and are we all working towards this?

The last time we all came together as a globe and said, let's share our sciences, and let's get a drug out there, it was HIV, and look at how that was done.