2 Important Benchmarks for Effective Health Information

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There are two things about information that I feel almost maybe too strongly about. One is an information has to be validated and so if you cannot get information from a valid source, in some way we should we are accrediting, putting a stamp of certification. There needs to be an independent body that's doing that, and I'm not sure who's going to develop that, but that is a necessity for information.

The second thing about information is that it has to be health literate. So in America the average reading and understand in fifth to sixth grade. We put a ton of information out there, and by the way this is an IOM report. We have lots of of people, even college graduates who cannot follow that information.

And so there should be some type of certification that says, one, it's scientifically accurate, and two, it's health literate, so that people can actually utilize it. Information that meets that criteria and discusses wellness, is how it will happen. But it will all be in bite sizes right? So if I wake up today, and I am part of a community that says, you are interested in really looking great this summer.

Here are the push messages that come to you, not like four pages to read, but said you loved to eat at, I don't know, Dunkin doughnuts here's what you can do. Here's the information we can give, if you're going to go there today, about what you should eat there. And then, the most important part about wellness and information is telling you what a good job you did today.