How Collaboration Can Improve Healthcare

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It's the system that needs to evolve. When we talk about the system being broken right if we do that on a broad scope, a national way of looking at it, but there are small pockets of hope going on all around the country. And if we don't acknowledge that, you know, it's kind of throwing everything in and saying, people don't recognize, it's broken, and then not work on it.

So people are working on it, but I can't say that there is anyone in health care who doesn't acknowledge that their issues. I think what you're seeing here today, you're seeing in a lot of places, is here's what we're going to do about it, and more importantly, here are places where we are piloting it, we're testing it, we're redesigning, and we're going to look at what those results are, so that we can share it with someone and say, here's how you execute on this, here's the result you should get for this, and here's how we're going to partner to do that.

And the internet has allowed that more than anything else. Here's technology that allows us to collaborate, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physicians, researchers, insurers, pharmaceutical company, what's our platform now going forward? Part of what my career journey is, is how do we get access to people.

So I love hearing about all the new great stuff that exist out there. How do I get it to the end user? Even in communities where we think there's poor access, we actually have almost everyone in America, right? Who's got a cell phone, and if you don't think that an app on a phone is a powerful tool or social networking on Facebook what a cultural community can have a difference, the research is powerful, of how you get the services, how you get access, and how you get information to people of about how to access it, they share information with each other in a community. They know real time where to go and get that information, and the resource would have face to face component to it, and that's how it's changing.

There's an entire world that's being raised expecting to have information at their fingertips, more importantly, they understand how to filter through it, and how to get to who may be the expert within their own social realm. There has been examples given, where people have talked about how they reached out to a friend to understand collaboration, to care for a sick person in their family.

That type of collaboration may be real today for people who have a lot of resources, and know a lot of the right context, that is also happening in other forums, but it's truly the way we will improve healthcare access, and I think it's right around the corner. I don't see it as far away, it is right around the corner.