Why Should We Focus on Diet and Nutrition to Stay Healthy?

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Because our bodies are made out of the food that we eat, we are what we eat, and as Michael Pollan said in his books, the foods system has changed more in the past 50 years than it had in the past 10, 000, we don't know what we're eating anymore, and along with that our culture has changed, so our whole concept of what food even is has changed.

So much has changed, and we're up against the need for convenience, we're up against the manufacturers who are wanting to sell us their processed foods which are made out of basically three things, vegetable oil, carbohydrates refined, a lot of sugar in there and even refined proteins.

So we're eating foods that are mostly just these three main ingredients, and unfortunately so much happens during the refining that its lost, that even if we think we're eating a balanced meal in terms of protein, carbohydrates, fat, calories we can't possibly be, unless we're very attuned to what a healthy balanced diet is, and not enough people in my practice have been.

I have to do an awful lot of education.