Why Do Some People Stay Skinny?

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We've all known this person that whose like they eat candy bars and drink soda that play seems to be their four squares and they never exercise and they stay skinny. The big difference between a person like that and a regular person, is they are genetically endowed with enzymes that for fat burning that stay turned on.

When you lose those enzymes, which most of us would do if we were getting that much sugar, and not exercising and not going through prolonged periods of fats, those three things turn off the fat burning enzymes. When you lose those enzymes get into a vicious cycle because your energy levels drop when you can't burn fat.

When you 're hungry your energy level drops, right? You're tired, what are you going to do? Well I heard I need to eat for energy. I heard sugar gives the energy so I can eat some sugar. And then you get in this vicious cycle where you are eating more sugar more often you're just eating more, and the other thing that happens is when you are tired are you going to exercise? I don't think so, you are not going to be as likely.

So you just get trapped in a vicious cycle and so, those people who gain weight the most easily, I think would be the people who would lose those enzymes first.