Is Eating Organic Foods the Healthiest Choice?

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The question of organic comes up a lot, I like to talk about food in terms of source and tradition. So organic is very important, but it's not to be all indoor because really what it matters is, is the soil nourishing? So you can have something that's hydroponic organic, versus something that, somebody didn't bother going through the process, they just want to sell their stuff, but they do all kinds of things to fortify their soil.

That's actually better, so the more you can know about the source, the better. Organic is a great starting point and I always do recommend that. But when it comes to organic I do recommend that, I point out that you get me bing for your organic bag when you go with the animal products.

Because there is this process of bio concentration as you go up the food chain, and if you have something organic in the plant world versus in the animal world it's just that. There's concentration of petrochemicals, but when it's organic animal products you've avoided first the soil, and the organic animal products, then the food, so you don't get those chemicals bio-concentrating.

But what you do, do though is if there's more nutrients in organic soil which a lot of research say there may be, then you get more nutrients bio concentrating in the animal product. So, one of the best investments in health is getting a free range.