Health and Our Diet

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I guess the biggest thing wrong with the American Healthcare System today is that, we think there's something wrong with the healthcare system. The way I see it, what's wrong with American health is really the priority, and I don't hear a lot of conversations around that, and if you start focusing in on the health issues, then you can really start getting to the root of the problem, and in my experience as the family practice position, that is diet and nutrition.

The question of organic comes up a lot, I like to talk about food in terms of source and tradition, so organic is very important, but it's not to be all end off because really what it matters is, is the soil nourishing. So you can have something that's hydroponic organic versus something that somebody didn't bother going to the process, they just wanted to sell their stuff, but they do all kinds of things to fortify their soil, that's actually better.

I think the American public is truly coming to understand that nutrition is something we've over looked. Take a look at how much alternative medicine has taken off. Unfortunately, nutrition is seen as a subset of the alternative medicine world but chiropractors, massage therapists, life coaches, physical trainers, they're all busy teaching people about real nutrition, about the value of food.

So I think it's happening. The question of what is a balanced diet is one of the most important question, and in the field of nutrition right now, particularly in field of weight loss science, more and more physicians are coming to understand the value of a low carb diet because when you cut out all that sugar you make room for more nutrients that we actually build our bodies out of.

We're also coming to realize that we do better when our bodies are burning fat, but when it comes to organic, I do recommend that, I point out that you get more bing for your organic bucks, when you go with animal products, because there is this process of bio concentration as you go up the food chain, and if you have something organic in the plant world Vs.

in the animal world, it's just that there's no concentration of petro chemicals. What I see is that the supplement industry is stepping in and replacing doing their best to replace these missing nutrients but they are only missing because we've given up so much of the food chain because our bodies are made out of the food that we eat.

We are what we eat and as my Michael Pollan says in his books, the food system has changed more in the past 50 years than it haven't in the past 10,000. We don't know what we're eating anymore and along with that, our culture has changed, so our whole concept of what food even is has changed.