Is There Too Much Technology in Healthcare?

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There's two industries on earth that are almost completely resist to technology, one is education, the other is health care. The difference that I see between the two in the reason that are fundamentally firmly believe that healthcare is on it's way to embracing technology is the cost problem that we've gotten.

The world is going bankrupt because of the cost of care right now, and we have no choice but to fix it, so I'm a firm believer that there is not too much technology in healthcare, there is way too little, but I'm also a firm believer in the fact that we need doctors. The doctor patient relationship is critically important in many many situations but I believe that doctors do a lot of things that technology can do much faster, much cheaper, much easier, and much more conveniently, both for the doctor and the patient.

The average wait time in a doctor's office is an hour, and the average appointment is eight minutes, and it doesn't even mention the fact that to get to the doctor may take half an hour, now then to get home you may take the half in oral, it's just completely inefficient and it makes no sense.