What Is the Future of Healthcare Marketing?

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Future of healthcare marketing. Some of my contemporary colleagues say that the future of marketing is that there is no marketing, that the social nature of our connectedness is essentially a beacon that says, We're going to tell you the things, the brands, and the experiences that we like and then you react, and if you think about it that notion kind of makes sense.

Before the advent of direct consumer marketing in healthcare from a manufacturer standpoint most pharma companies were some of the most admired companies in the world, and as soon as they allowed direct to consumer advertising that data point started sliding and no pharma companies made it to the top 10 since.

It signals something, it signals that that one to many voice that television and print and all that allowed pharma marketers to behave in a way that it's like trying to sell health like you sell shoes. It's not going to be that way, it's too personal, it's too emotionally charged.

So I think as we move forward into this kind of post-digital age because consumers aren't really looking at digital as a separate channel they're, it's all around them and digital was everything. It's all digital, as we move forward I think marketing's role is to help facilitate a better patient experiences and it's not a multi-channel thought as we've traditionally looked at it as we take message that we've market tested for months we've gotten the perfect creative and we've gotten the perfect right few words put together now let's get them into as many channels as we can, this is I heard someone complain about a product on Twitter that it was too expensive and I'm within five minutes able to react to say actually you can make this phone call and we might be able to help you pay for that medication or we see a patient community that's getting up in arms about the lack of support they feel from health care systems, and a pharmaceutical manufacturer can identify that as a marketing opportunity and build an experience for that community where they are being undeserved somewhere else.