Is the Healthcare System Becoming More Transparent?

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And that's a good thing this industry is probably had more unconnected data pipes than any other industry in the history of the world and if the Affordable Care Act does just that and starts connecting the pipes to lead to a more transparent experience I think the whole house of cards begins to change quickly.

Transparency around pricing with companies like Castlight Health out there helping people understand the difference between the quality of the service provider and the amount of money they charge for that service. There's no other industry in the world where you can get that. I should be able to know how good this doctor is and how much they charge for a service, and why it's more than the one down the street, in fact the data that just came out from Medicare essentially that just made transparent the entire pricing structure across from hospital to hospital even within the same neighborhood.

It's a huge step forward in terms of making the entire industry more transparent.