How Has the Affordable Care Act Affected Healthcare Marketing?

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The affordable care Act I think is the cause of a tidal wave in healthcare right now probably the biggest cause. Marketing I think is going to have to react on a customer by customer basis. If you look at by healthcare professionals, by payers and then by patients. So the healthcare professionals for instance are going to start getting reimbursed for value and patient outcomes over services performed.

I think there's an opportunity for marketing organizations to help health care providers essentially define what value is and help them actually run their practice better. Our philosophy is if you can help physicians in their knowledge, their stature, their practice or their patient outcomes, you'll have a receptive audience there.

On the payers side, come October all the exchanges are going to start opening up either on the state level, or federal level and there is a huge educational component associate with that shift of which marketing can play a major role. And then finally on the patient's side, patients are going to start, it's going to be essentially be deluged or overwhelmed with an amount of data that they have never had before, essentially forcing them into becoming more engaged in their healthcare because their healthcare provides are going to be incented to make sure that their patients actually engage with their health record and follow up with appointments and make smarter decisions because actually their reimbursement is going to based on it so I think marketing has a role in that as well in helping patients understand this data and what it means to live healthy lives.