How Has Healthcare Marketing Changed in the Last Decade?

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Well the biggest thing that's changed is the consumers, the patients have become more informed. When you have an informed patient, it's very difficult to market the same way that you were in the past. It used to be the channels were so discrete that if the noise got too high you could just reach into your deep pockets, and pump up the signal, and create a huge direct to consumer campaign that would authorize our boats.

The media landscape fragmented, the consumers became incredibly informed, and that changes the way you have to talk about your products. I think from a manufacturer's stand point the crux always used to be we have a molecule and that molecule has features, benefits, safety, it's got all these things surrounding the molecule and then we would use that as the basis for the entire marketing engine, the commercialization thought.

Nowadays I think they have to put a customer experience at the very top of that chemical of which a molecule might be a part. So there very well maybe a situation where a pharmaceutical manufacturer is creating a customer experience of which there is no drug associated. It's just the series of text messages or an app that allows people to live better lives, more healthy lives or live within the disease state more.