How Are Pharmaceutical Companies Using Patient Data for Marketing?

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Companies like Novartis that are putting a stake in the ground, they're trying and build up programs that help solve the adherence question around certain chronic disease states where it's a huge strain on the system. Companies like Boehringer Ingelheim who are partnering with companies like [UNKNOWN] to really start getting, clinical data around behavior modification programs.

I think it's really interesting space to launch. I think there're out there in terms of that, they're very much in the pilot stages right now and they're not in terms of 70, 20, 10 rule and where you invest is very much in the 10 spot right now. I think as we continue to see declining access for sales reps with doctors, we'll start seeing pharmaceutical companies trying to find new ways and the hospital systems and doctors time and be able to build experiences for doctors that again help them with their stature, their knowledge, their patient outcomes, and the practice.