How Healthcare Marketing Is Evolving

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[MUSIC] Well the various things that changes, the consumers, the patients have become more informed. When you have an informed patient it's very difficult to market the same way that you were in the past. The more I know about you as a marketer, the more personalized I can help you, and increasingly the future of marketing will be the building of utilities and services based through our very personalized health care continuum.

There very well maybe a situation where a pharmaceutical manufacturer is creating a customer experience of which there's no drug associated, it's just a series of text messages or an app that allows people to leave better lives more healthy lives, or live within the diseases stay more functional.

Classic consultant answer, it depends on the type of information that consumers are looking for, increasingly the internet is a big part of that, but depending on say if the information is more technical in nature, or diagnosis based, they'll think they'll hit up a doctor. Earlier with that sort of information, if it's more around emotional support it tends to be pious and our ever increasing network of others, other people like us.

There's two big thoughts there. One is people tend to at look multiple sources of information, they'll look for continuity and they deem that credible. So I'll check my network, I'll ask my doctor and I'll look on Wikipedia and if I see that they're all saying the same thing, I could start to assume that they must be true.

They do go to manufacturers' webiste and materials, and they do consider that credible I mean they knew the FDA who mandates that they can't be lied to. But credibility doesn't necessarily mean objective. Our expectations are set by our entire online experience not just our experience with health care obviously.

We're going to a best buy and compare products and then walk into a hospital and don't already even been offered the options to compare products, I mean our expectations are set by that experience. I think the quantified self is a social force that's driving technological change and that technological change is going to increasingly drive new social behaviors.

Future healthcare marketing. Some of my contemporary colleagues say that the future of marketing is that there is no marketing. That, you know the social nature of our connectedness, is essentially a beacon that we're going to tell you the things, the brands, and the experiences that we like, and then you react.