What Other Remote Health Sensor Technologies Are Being Developed?

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We talk about these sensor technologies at the individual level often so what we can monitor from a personal smartphone and what we can monitor from sensors that they wear on their body, what we haven't talked about much is the sensor technologies that we can do at the environmental level to be able to better sense what's going on, that provides another disease process that we need to pay attention to.

So for instance, air pollution sensors, what we know about air pollution and its effect on disease mostly based on EPA sensors scattered a mile or two apart within most cities, and unless you actually stay a mile or two from that sensor and your zip code matches that, and we can figure that out, that's about as close as we can get in terms of sensitivity for how much air pollution exposure you've been exposed to, how much particulate matter and what that impact is on your lungs in your heart, your chance of cancer in the future.

If we make these so that they are much more portable, which some work has already been done on, we can actually measure peoples' exposure to those pollutants across the day, over time. Determine whether at high risk we can even warn people when they're in places and situations where they need to actually go inside or they need to get to an air conditioned building because it's both too hot, and there's too much pollution in the atmosphere at that point and time.

So, it's things like that where we need to monitor the environment a little bit more and I think that's a growing area where the technology is going to be useful to us.