Do Health Sensors Make Us Healthier?

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That's always the good question, do we become a healthier nation? I think that's still, at least this is the researcher side of me, I think that's still an open question. I feel like it has promise, the wireless and mobile technologies we're talking about, have a lot of promise to sort of improve health, allow us to respond more quickly to patients in need, be able to change general populations and help them sort of improve their health and their lifestyle, but in the end there is still the question of, can you show me the data that says that this has improved health? That this has really sort of changed peoples' lives either in terms of survival analysis, or quality of life or those sorts of things, and I think the jury is still out.

I think we still a lot more data to gather before we know. We didn't use the term mobile health four, five years ago it didn't exist, and so I was doing mobile health 10, 15 years ago I just didn't know that that's what to call it at that point, but it is a very nascent field at this point there is a lot of work going on, and there is a lot of trial and errors have happening at this point where people sort of go let's try this let's see if this actually does anything better.

It will mature but we are still early in that process.