Why Is Healthcare One of the Last Industries to Be Digitized?

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It's interesting, I have been saying for many years that here in the US, we have actually have lead most of those to the industrialized roles in the use of electronic records in terms of other things digital in health health care. Western Europe take the Northern countries are a good ten years ahead of us, they were using electronic records at 100% rates of several years ago, in the US was still catching out.

So the question his why did that happen? I kind of look at that at stand point of if I go back 30 years, we were on track to digitize medicine, there's a lot of investment made at that that time but we did it with the older technology, old legacy systems and then we kind of stopped investing.

And because of the way medicine is organized in the US whereas some of these quasi public-private kind of enterprise, with payment systems that are very different from the rest of the world. There's no real command and control over American medicine, and so therefore compared to other countries where they have a bit more of that command and control, it's been harder in the US to make it happen.

And, a lot of physicians sat back and said, well, we get it, we understand that digital is important but it's just too hard, it's not workflow, it's expensive and it just travels slowly here.