What Excites You the Most about Some of These New Technologies?

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I would like to see the day, when you can sit in your living room in front of that big screen and if you're having a medical question or problem you simply will speak to your television and say services please, doctor please, nurse please, whatever name your specialty and up pop somebody on the screen who will address your need at that particular time, think of the mother at night.

Whose got a small child, and the child's fussy and she's inexperienced so she doesn't what do. Those kind of scenarios, if you have a chronic disease and you have a question, I mean both in real time monitoring of your physiological data, which using lot of set up that's your company is going to get to that space but really connecting all the dots.

One of my concerns is that when I see all these kinds of companies popping up and everybody is accumulating data and so forth, is that at the end of the day it needs to get in your record, it needs to be about you, it can't be in dozens of silos all over the place because then all we've done is sort of replicated all that's wrong with the paper processes we used to be dealing with.

So we need aggregation of that data we need to apply spark systems that can aggregate and analyze that data and we need to give you one version of the truth somewhere in the cloud that your record that goes with you for life. I think that externally important.