What Does the Connected Health Movement Mean to You?

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They're connected through health movement we looked at a number of ways. I think first and foremost what it says, is at the enterprise level in our health care system we want our electronic records systems to talk to each other and be able to share information so, today if you go to a healthcare institution that's got brand X hospital information system or EMR you can have an absolutely wonderful experience throughout not only that health care institution but others around the country that might be using that same system.

But literally you can walk across the street, to a hospital that's using a different system and is really hard to get your information, you know, across to that other system, so a lot of people are working on solving that problem and as again that's part of healthcare reform there are mandates surrounding certain level of sharing, but we need to get much better about that, that's part of connected health, the other part of connected health I think really involves you as a patient and as the consumer, is how do you connect electronically to your data, your doctor, your hospital, your experts, others, this healthcare is more than just about providing sick care as we talked about it's about everything, it's about your diet, your fitness, your mental health, your satisfaction in life, and it's really how do we connect all of that into an ecosystem of total care, particularly if we're really going to start focusing on how do we keep you ultimately well instead of taking care of you only when you're sick.