How Has the Idea of the Minute Clinic Impacted Healthcare?

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And I actually love the retail health movement, and those who know, I'm a primary care physician might say, why is he saying that, it's threatening to a lot of hospitals and primary care in particular, the reason I love it is if we look to this so called triple [xx] in healthcare [xx] talks about, again higher quality, better access and lower costs, it certainly at least strikes for sure to the better access and lower costs, and quality quite frankly I think the most [xx] is that, so long as we don't yet create another silo of care and we give people a doorway, an access to care, that perhaps is at a lower price point, for a lot of this minor nuisance things that happen everyday, I think that's a really good thing, so long as we do connect it back to your medical home, I do think that ideally everybody should have a primary care position of some kind to sort of coordinate care and be the sort of master of your care, you have an equal responsibility and that is the patient so we would want patients empowerment and engagement I also know from practising medicine for 20 years old that a lot of people we're confronted with a health problem you can give them all the information on the internet, you can give them, everything imaginable and transmission education show them the studies and the outcomes and so forth and at the end of the day a lot of people still turn to the doctor and say doctor what should I do? People in all aspects of life are looking for expert advice and their clinician a doctor, the nurse and those practitioners, are experts in their fields and we need them to be a part of that, so retail health movement I think great from access and price standpoint.

I think relearning the quality can be and is quite good so long as they can kind of stick to the recipe that they're good at, and are tightly integrated in referring people who need extra measures on ongoing care to make sure they're connected to [xx] doctor. I don't think I want to retail health clinic to be the only place that you engage with healthcare.