How Do We Improve Our Overall Health in the U.S.?

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We're making a lot of the right steps. One way to improve the health of the nation is to lower the cause factor. I would tell you even as a physician that many times when my family engages with the health care system, even I'm blown away, it maybe not be what the reimbursement levels are getting but the cost, the prices that were being quoted.

A quick visit to my internist is three, four five hundred dollars, just for a quick little visit like that. That doesn't mean that that's all that they're getting, but that's what's sort of the price he will show. We need to stratify that, we need to do better than that, in regard to health cares in this country, it's got just outrageously expensive.

I know from my colleagues who travel the world thank goodness I have not had a medical problem but my colleagues who travels the world and have had are absolutely blown away when they get care in Europe for example, or Asia, and excellent here by the way, and the price point at which it was delivered then they come home and they go, I don't understand this delta, it's huge.

So. That's really important, I think consumes have to patients, have to be equal attendance in this, they have to be part of the solution I think over the years we've been toying with different ideas and our own patient engagement incentives, I'd like this whole movement around game application that we hear a lot about is how do we, okay so here's this information, but how do we absorb you as a patient or consumer in that make it sort of fun and entertaining in engaging and social in these days, these are all things we can do engage consumers more.

As I have said I think that there are patients who if I'm the doctor I'm the expert, they don't necessarily want make all those decisions. That's okay too, but I think they still informed on what the choices are, in any kind of treatment modality, really understanding as best as they can the risk and benefits of any given things, so we also need to focus on the whole issue of wellness and prevention and you have to look at the big diseases today they are all mostly preventable, they deal with bad habits in our environment and other things so it's really up to everyone of us.

Health problems aren't something that's just for health industry, it's for doctors and nurses and clinicians, fixing heath in any country it starts at very basic level around clean water and access to transportation and medications and that sort of things, but in our more advance civilization it's really around patient engagement healthy lifestyles, healthy behaviours.