Have We Become Too Dependent on Technology in Healthcare?

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No, I don't think we become reliant enough on technology. No, again. How do one define technology? Do we have too many MRI and CT scanners and big bulky stuff and do expensive procedures on people. Yes, we probably too much of that. We also know that too many procedures, too many x-rays, too make CT scans is not good for you.

And so you need to balance that. The technology we're really talking about, they're really I think strikes the heart of the whole, sorta quality and and access, and lower cost, and lower cost, by the way, isn't about doing what with less. It should be about doing more with new, and that's really something we are very focused on at our company is, how do we help health care enterprises, doctors, nurses and patients, do more by doing new? So, how can we look at the health industry and give them technologies that allow them to practise in new ways that are more efficient but also less costly.