Does the Healthcare System Need to Be Challenged on Its Ways of Thinking?

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It does need to be challenged, and I think trust me I don't think there a doctor, nurse or hospital in history out there who doesn't feel challenged right now. Literally over the next couple of years, this industry is been asked to turn itself on a dime, and change everything about the way they've been doing business.

I know there are pundits out there who say it's in the same way we kind of went through this phase in the 80s around managed care. It's not going to happen. I think there's people like me who look at the combination of the technology and also the economic impact of our current health care system that is not sustainable, we are, well some will argue we're still the richest most powerful nation on earth, somebody like me who travels around the world and sees other systems, that still maybe true, but when it comes to the way we're delivering health care although I think if you're really, really sick, and you've got a really, really bad disease and you need instant access to pretty amazing technology, America is still the place to be.

But if you want to look at sort of bank for the dollar, or a bank for a Euro, or a bank for whatever the currency happens to be, many European countries, many other countries are doing a much better job in keeping their population healthy and well and living a long time for far less money than we're spending here in America.