Do You Think the U.S. Healthcare System Is Broken?

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It's broken in what we oftenly want it to do, it's broken in that it's become unwildly, it's become way too expensive. In America we can offer people really, really good sick care, so if I got sick with a serious disease I would probably rather be seen in American healthcare system than just about anywhere in the world.

Where things kind of break down though is in sort of the whole picture and clearly health, there's more to health, first of all there's more to health than hospitals and clinics that's the minor part of health to this notion that episodic in the hospital, episodic in the primary health clinic.

Most of your health in families is delivered by the family health manager which is often the mother or in some cases the father or the grandmother. It's about what we eat, it's about what we choose to do, it's about how we choose to live. That's actually where most health is delivered not in hospitals or clinics.