Can the Retail Health Movement Help Reduce Costs, Improve Access?

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I think it's a piece of the solution. I think again that using technology bringing technology into people's home is another way so maybe the retail experience they need to connect you with the world's leading expert on food and they can do that and literally the worlds leading expert on whatever the problem might be using this kind of technology and then if that expert agrees, you need to take the next step to be seen some place else.

That kind of coordination and care which is going to be extraordinarily important, we talk about accountable care cuz here we're talking about. We don't go to a hospital all that often quite frankly, most of us unless we have a chronic condition or problem. So, and we have only episodic visits, let's say even our primary care doctor.

But accountable care really brings together, it's about all the resources in the community and again it's about dietary, it's about fitness, it's about how do we help people stop smoking and mental health and all kinds of things that really have to be a part of the whole ecosystem.

And unless all of us connected and coordinated, then we're right back to the episodic silos and that doesn't work too well.