Why Has the Healthcare Industry Been Slow to Adopt EMR?

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This is true that [xx] can just read, there in [xx] when you compare with any to other industry, any other industry which embanked on daily life, so it's kind of troublesome to think that when we work in a hospital, may be the billing is done electronically but the prescribing, access to all medical record is not electronic.

I've seen one of the reason for that is the system physicians and hospitals have been using when that user friendly to use and when and that steals to a degree in a way of the practice of medicine, when you have to deal with a computer, with a computer screen which creates a buyer between you and your patient in the exam room and when you have to turn your back to be able to do some data entry and navigate through that system and it goes for multiple clicks, it takes time away from that minimum time you have for seeing your patient and trying to get that history and researching information, making that diagnosis and going over treatment plan with your patient.

I think that's one of the many reasons Electronic Medical Records systems have not been used widely by physicians upto now.