Why Did It Take So Long for Patients to Own Their Medical Records?

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And it's a message which needs to be communicated loudly that indeed our records are our own. And, I think one of the reason may be with thought that they will not own because it has been so difficult to get a copy of those records. You have to go through whoops, to go to a medical records of a hospital, you have to sign multitude amounts of paper work and it takes time to retreat and it takes other efforts.

So there's that notion that and those experience green in those whoops to get copies of the medical records, give us a believe that those records were not own indeed as it belongs to the hospital or the clinic. But indeed there are own records it's about our lives, it's about our own history and the treatment we receive in which we need to participate, and heat power is about protecting us from infringing on our privacy by unauthorized personnel to access those records, but those records are ours.

And now with healthcare information technology and Blue Button Initiative, we're going to have the means and the right to exercise access with those records to better manage them.