Who Has Adopted the Blue Button Initiative?

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So today is that Blue Button initiative has been adopted by to start with by multiple federal agencies. So the center for medicare and medicaid, provide this blue button download function for anyone covered by medicare. The initiative has been adopted also by the veterans administration, so 10 million veterans today can go to the patients portal for the vehicle you might have to see that.

Click on that blue button and download their clinical record coming from the view also the department of the defense through tricare which is a health's plan covering military activity and their families has a Blue Button function for folks covered by TrackAir to access that health history and beyond those federal program, multiple private entities have adopted Blue Button.

So you have today several health plan like United and Aetna which make that Blue Button function available for their plan and whole ease. Walgreen's adopted Blue Button, and multiple technology companies have also adopted this Blue Button technology to make use of it.