What Is mHealth and Will It Help Fix Our Problems?

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I mean, in the word Hem Health, is the word mobility and I think mobility combined both the technology and the need in our daily life to have on the go access to information and the means to share that information in different places. So in the technology side indeed that mobile device which we carry everywhere or smartphone for most of us can be the means to access critical information, to inform us of our health condition, to remind us of action we should take to be able to provide us information in a meaningful way so we can communicate that information to the various providers we're receiving care from and also in the physicians side that mobility is very useful.

Physician practice in different places. They are in their clinics, they move from one exam room to the next, they go to the hospital to make rounds, and old technology of fixed desktop is not that suited for that physician practicing medicine in different settings. So carrying a mobile device or tablets is a more practical tool with a tap of an app accessing information very quickly.

So I see mobility can bridge some communication gaps between physicians and patients and also provide the means for both physicians and patients to access information anytime and anywhere.