How Will Physicians Manage All the Data from Health Apps?

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I think everyone has to be conscious of how indeed physician work, they can be overwhelmed by information we have little time to interact with them in the physician's office or in the emergency room, and so that access to information and this amount of date we have access to still have to work in that physician work field, and the physician can be overwhelmed and receiving data at any time 24/7 so I think one of the most practical application of this new technology is to bring that technology when it matters the most when physicians and patients are interacting at that point of care whether it's in the primary care Physician's office for routine visit also emergency visit into the emergency room.

I think that's where this information should be are accessible and available for both the patients and physicians to go over that information and make use of it. The concept that physician will receive a 24/7 data which they will not access in real time for which they cannot act on because the patient is not there in the room has to be thought through.

I think that data has to come when it matters the most and when it's practical for the physician to make use of it.