Does mHealth Require the Patient to be More Engaged in Their Own Health?

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I think we have indeed a critical role to play as consumers and patients in managing our own health care. We cannot assume that all the knowledge come from a physician. First of all physician relied on us telling them what is the problem we experience that day. What is has been our history? What is our lifestyle which may explain some of the issues we are seeking care that given time, so the notion that information rely always in the hands of the professional is I think ill-assumed and dangerous, so we do need to be conscious that we've to provide that information to our own physician, we're key communicator to be ensured that we would receive safer and more cost effective health care as we do in everything else in our life, there things we don't rely only on our banker to manage our account, we have to review those banking accounts, we have to make decisions about we invest and how we save and how we spend, and I think the same behavior we should adapt in our own health care.