How Does Sequestration Affect the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund?

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Well I'm certain that all industries have been affected but sequestration certainly had it's efeects on Medical Research and President Obama recently just reinstated some funds, we still need more. It hasn't taken us back up to the pre-sequestration level and beyond that, the NIH budget, where so much of our other researchers receive their Federal Funding has been flat for years.

So OCRF has been thriving through the years to always increase our research budget to fill that gap. The other Federal Funding comes from the Department of Defense and again, well, it's wonderful that the DoD and the NIH are able to fund the thregil research. It's been fairly flat and we see the number of Ovarian Cancer Researchers unfortunately struggling and sometimes leaving the field, which is where we step in and try to encourage them to stay in, and to fund them at an early level so that they remain because there are certainly better funded diseases where it's easy to lose researchers if they start to feel disheartened.

And luckily we have organizations in Washington who are advocating on behalf of women and on behalf of Ovarian Cancer Research, but each year is a struggle, and it's always hard to know, so private funding source is becoming more and more important every year. Unfortunately being the deadliest of the gynaecological diseases the toll is very high, the cost is very high, and because of the rate of recurrence the dollar amount obviously attached to each individual patient can be very high in terms of health care costs.