How Are the Funds Distributed at Overian Cancer Research Fund?

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At the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund we have a scientific advisory committee. Basically comprise of the top scientists in the country that are trying to end this disease and they get together and do a peer review process, much like the NIH, the National Institute of Health does.

Where we do the request for proposals, we look for as many as we can get. We have been receiving almost 200 per year which is a large number, especially given the number of ovarian cancer researchers in the US. And then they kind of triage those they go through the letters of intent, they call that down to smaller group, and then they ask for a larger proposal.

So we typically fund around $7 million worth each year in research and we're trying to fund all areas. So if we have early detection studies that are significant, we fund those. If we have treatment studies we fund those, genetic studies it ranges. It's really just the best science.