How Long Can the Body Survive?

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The point about how long your body can survive is, one can't really use the word biologically that's what begs the question, because really it's all about how comprehensive is the para-maintenance? If we look at cars that are 50 years old now, some of them are fifty year old because they were built that way, Land Rovers for example they were just built to last, but some of them are that way simply because the owners [xx] up with them and they don't like to prevent to do maintenance, comprehensive maintenance on those cars every year and they still use them on the road.

But nevertheless the car is still working just as well as it did when it was first built even though it's like three times or more as old as it was ever designed to get to. It's just because of comprehensive maintenance, and there's no reason whatsoever why those cars shouldn't be going in 100 years of course we do have cars that are 100 years old and they too are going just as well as they did when they were first built.

We don't have any 200 year old cars but that's not because we don't know how. It's simply because cars were not invented 200 years ago. I think it's not remotely beyond the bounds of possibility that people could live at least two or three times or ten times or 100 times longer than they do at the moment.

The only thing that really determines how long people are going to live is our ability first of all of course to develop these therapies which is not a given. I should say it's only a 50/50 chance that we're going to develop those things within the next 25 years or so and second of all that way make sure to develop other technologies or to maintain other technologies that keep our risk of death from causes independent of aging also to a relatively low level.