Does Cross Discipline Training Give You an Advantage?

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Add benefits enormously from my cross disciplinary expertise, and of course I have many many other scientists who have switched fields in one way or another. I think that it's a general rule that research is main health research whether its curiosity you have no go directed, is a very transferable scale if you know how to work on really hard problems then it doesn't really matter what domain you are working in.

Which means that if you work in one particular area and you've learnt how to do research and then you switch to a different area and you are then thereby if you are like relieved of all the incompetences of the conventional wisdom of the first field, then you have a very good chance, a window of opportunity in which to have insights that are eluding to people who've been in that field throughout their careers, certainly I have few of those over the years and of course others not the only one.