Do People Who Live to 100 Because They're Healthier?

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I think it's important to understand that when people describe individuals who've lived to, let's say 102 without any disease, they're relatively healthy. First of all, the opposite word is relatively, there's still couldn't quite keep up with their granddaughter on the dance floor, the day before they died,or even the year before they died.

So, I think if we want to be not agiest, if we want to take the view that our old people really are people too, then we have to be very careful in using privates like healthy for their age. Second of all, I think that one thing that's easy to overlook is that most people who die in relatively good health at an extreme age like 100 or more do have problems, it's definitely those problems are not of the type we tend to give names to, specific name, so yes, they didn't have cancer, yes, they didn't have diabetes, but in fact, it turns out that if you do autopsy on them they too certainly have these things, it's just that they haven't progressed to a life threatening stage, and they died of something more non-specific before the other things got to them.

So, really, the same sets of things are happening in everybody, it's just, they are happening a little bit more slowly in some people than in others.